Revision spine surgery is routinely performed by the best in class board certified NYC spine surgeon, Dr. Sean McCance. Dr. McCance is a spine surgery specialist who can correct failed spinal surgery. Dr. McCance has extensive experience in spinal surgery and is trained to the highest possible standards in revision spinal surgery in all anatomical locations of the spine. Revision spine surgery is necessary when a patient who has undergone a spinal surgery continues to present with spinal pain with or without nerve pain at the level of their previous surgery.

“Dr. McCance was not only willing to take on my challenging lumbar revision surgery, but proved exceptionally capable in overcoming those challenges, with remarkable results. My original lumbar surgery was performed in 2002 by a top- rated specialist at a world-class orthopedics hospital. The results were quite poor and degraded over time. They included a fusion failure at L5/S1, which I did not discover for several years. By the time I met Dr. McCance, I could barely walk. He was extremely thorough in his work-up, and equally meticulous in performing my very lengthy and complex revision surgery, with full re-instrumentation across four vertebral levels. I could not be more thrilled with the results. I’m pain-free and med-free. For the first time in many years, I am standing straight, walking tall and feeling quite blessed. Dr. McCance has given me an invaluable gift. I will always be grateful.” ~ RateMDs

Prior to revision spinal surgery, the patient will need to be fully evaluated by the spine surgeon in a comprehensive manner which may include X-rays, MRI, CT scans, discography, or other diagnostic assessments. Dr. McCance and his team spend as much thoughtful time as necessary in educating the patients and their families about the revision spine surgery. This is to ensure that the patient is well aware of all aspects of the surgical procedure, the risks involved, and the post-operative rehabilitation process.

Sometimes it is immediately noticeable after surgery that the initial back surgery was unsuccessful. However, a failed back surgery can also present months to years after the initial operation. Revision spinal surgery is indicated for various reasons including adjacent segment pathology, failure of biology (the inability to achieve bony union), failure of stability (inadequate or failed implants), and poor alignment of the initial spinal fusion.

The most common failed back surgeries that Dr. McCance corrects includes:

At Dr. McCance’s NYC spine surgery practice, the treatment and correction of these conditions involve reverent attention to detail and a lifelong commitment to surgical excellence. Dr. McCance understands that the decision to embark on revision spine surgery is a difficult one. Dr. McCance provides a surgical correction approach that is guided by scientific literature and experience but also places the circumstances of the individual patient into the foreground before providing a surgical treatment recommendation.

Doctor’s Note: The operation to correct your failed back surgery will involve a large team of people: nurses and doctors, an anesthesiologist, neurophysiologists (who monitor the function of your spinal cord during surgery), radiographers (who take X-rays of your spine while you are asleep), and finally the spine surgeon.

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