Dr. McCance has acquired an international reputation for excellence in spine care and spinal surgery. Patients from all over the United States and all over the world, including France, England, Japan, Ireland, Spain, Russia, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Greece, Croatia, Brazil, Canada, and Australia have traveled to New York to visit Dr. McCance for evaluation and treatment of their back and neck. If you are an international patient please follow this link for travel information: out of state patients.

“Dr. Sean McCance and his staff helped me survive crippling acute sciatica, and he removed a lumbar cyst that was literally choking off some crucial spinal nerves. I was better immediately, began to have feeling again in the leg, and the sciatica disappeared. That was in 2012. Since then, I have had (unrelated) other serious spinal issues (former dancer, athlete and gymnast), and he has steadfastly worked with me to find alternatives to spinal fusion until such time as I really cannot avoid it. I recommend him highly.” ~ RateMDs

Remote Phone & SKYPE Consultation Service with Dr. Sean McCance: Offered To Patients Anywhere In The World

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    We understand that having back or neck surgery is a big decision to make. And, for some, traveling back and forth for a consultation to NYC from around the world to meet with the spine surgeon, Dr. Sean McCance, may be too difficult – especially for professional athletes and our older patients. That’s why the spine surgeon offers virtual consultations:

    • Over the phone; or via video chat / SKYPE.
    • Speak with Dr. McCance personally for up to 1/2 hour.
    • During a virtual consultation, the doctor’s visit is not just another doctor’s appointment. It’s a true medical experience.
    • Using a Web camera, both Dr. Sean McCance and the patient meet in a private HIPAA-compliant virtual meeting room.
    • This means no crowded waiting rooms and no time wasted traveling.
    • It’s easy and convenient.

    We understand that travel can be particularly stressful for a patient in pain who is traveling a long distance, so our practice has created a special protocol for relieving our patients of many of the stresses of travel and temporary relocation.

    Our staff will act as your Personal Assistant to coordinate all your physician, diagnostic, and hospital appointments and to help keep your stay in New York as brief as possible. Because of our special relationship with various laboratories and testing facilities we can significantly reduce the wait time for procedures such as MRIs, for example.

    • For patients who speak little or no English, we can provide translation services.
    • We will arrange for transportation, including airport pickup.
    • We can arrange hotel or long-term lodging arrangements for patients and their families.
    • High-quality private duty nursing care will be provided as needed.
    • Because many of our patients travel with family members, we can arrange for shopping, dining, sightseeing, cultural, religious, and leisure activities.
    • We will also attend to any special religious or health-related dietary issues.
    • And we will work directly with your insurance company to expedite receipt of benefits.

    Our best in class, Upper East Side, NYC back pain & neck pain diagnosis & surgery practice, Spine Associates, is honored to provide you with highly personalized and comprehensive care. Our philosophy of direct management of your case by an expert spine surgeon has made us one of the most trusted and respected spine surgery practices on the Upper East Side in NYC and the world. Feel free to contact the back & neck pain diagnosis and spine surgery specialist today to discuss your unique condition and start yourself on the road to recovery.

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