Dr. Sean McCance, an NYC spine surgery specialist, frequently treats failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS). Failed back surgery syndrome is the result of a back surgery that leaves the patient in chronic back pain or neck pain (or both). This broad medical diagnostic term essentially refers to the fact that your initial spinal surgery was unsuccessful in alleviating your unique pain and that a secondary spine surgery will be necessary to eliminate your pain.

“Dr. McCance performed an L4-S1 spinal fusion. I had suffered through 5 spine surgeries in just a 4 month period, by another surgeon, all of which came with complications. My pain level was 10, since that is the highest number I can give, but for me it was beyond a 10. There was no drug that could alleviate the pain; constant and excruciating – I was experience failed back surgery syndrome. I did not sleep for months and was unable to eat properly because of the pain. These combined, I became extremely depressed. Fortunately, I found Dr. McCance. I was apprehensive because of my past experiences however, his reputation and hopeful reassurance gave me the will to have another surgery. At just 3 1/2 months post-op I now have minimal pain and I am not on any narcotic drugs! If not for Dr. McCance, I would not be where I am today. He truly gave me my life back!” ~ RateMDs

 Reasons That You May Be Experiencing Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Include:

  • A disc herniation
  • Continuous nerve compression
  • Your initial spinal fusion did not heal
  • Your initial surgery was unsuccessful
  • You have loose screws or hardware
  • You have developed a new problem in another area of your spine
  • You had an infection after spinal surgery that caused the surgery not to heal

Symptoms Of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Include:

  • Sharp, severe, or stabbing pain with movement
  • Continued or chronic pain in your back or neck
  • Pain above or below the surgically treated level of the spine
  • Limited mobility
  • Inability to recuperate from your back surgery
  • Dull, aching pain in the neck, back, or legs
  • Spinal joint immobility
  • Continued dependence on prescription pain killers

Doctor’s Note: The main reason patients seek our expertise for failed back surgery tends to be due to failure of their spinal fusion (the fusion did not heal) or due to ongoing never compression.

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