Dr. Sean McCance of Spine Associates located on the Upper East Side in NYC is a best in class top rated spinal surgeon and routinely performs spine fracture diagnosis and surgery. Dr. McCance, a spine fracture surgery specialist, has been included in New York Magazine’s “Best Doctors” numerous times. He was recognized in a national survey of physicians as one of the “Best Doctors” for spine surgery in 2003. He has since been selected by a plethora of peer-reviewed organizations including “America’s Best Doctors”, “New York Super Doctors”, “America’s Top Physicians”, and he has been the recipient of the “Patients’ Choice Award.” Dr. McCance was noted as one of New York City’s “30 Top Doctors” by NY Resident Magazine.

Spine fractures, also known as vertebral compression fractures (VCF), may be caused by bone-weakening conditions (such as osteoporosis or spine cancer – a spine tumor) or from sporting injuries, traumatic injury, malignancies, bone tumors, car accidents, falls, or from an act of violence (such as gunshots). When a spine fracture is the result of osteoporosis is generally referred to as a compression fracture. The NYC spine surgery will perform the necessary diagnosis and testing (typically x-rays and a CT scan) prior to declaring that this is indeed your condition.

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What are Spinal Fractures?

Spinal injuries vary in type from relatively mild ligament and muscle strains (such as whiplash) to fractures and dislocations of the vertebrae to debilitating spinal cord injuries. Spinal fractures and dislocations can pinch, compress, and even tear the spinal cord. Treatment of spinal fractures depends on the type of fracture and the degree of instability.

Spine Fracture Surgery

Spine fracture is performed by the best in class NYC spine surgeon, Dr. Sean McCance, to stabilize the bone and stop the back pain. The type of spine surgery that Dr. McCance will elect to perform will be tailored to your unique situation.

Instrumentation & Spine Fusion Surgery: These surgeries are performed to treat unstable spine fractures. Spinal fusion entails surgically joining two vertebrae with a bone graft held together with hardware. The goal of the bone graft is to join the vertebrae together to form one solid piece of bone.

Vertebroplasty & Kyphoplasty Surgery: These types of spine surgeries are minimally invasive procedures to treat compression fractures commonly caused by osteoporosis and spinal tumors. In vertebroplasty, bone cement is injected through a hollow needle into the fractured vertebral body. In kyphoplasty, a balloon is first inserted and inflated to expand the compressed vertebra before filling the space with bone cement.

Our best in class, Upper East Side, NYC back & neck pain diagnosis & surgery practice, Spine Associates, is honored to provide you with highly personalized and comprehensive care. Our philosophy of direct management of your case by an expert spine surgeon has made us one of the most trusted and respected spine surgery practices on the Upper East Side in NYC and the world. Feel free to contact the back & neck pain diagnosis and spine surgery specialist today to discuss spine fracture and start yourself on the road to recovery.

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