With 20 years of surgical experience, Dr. McCance has touched the lives of many people and their families. More than 4,000 patients have benefited from his surgical skills. Dr. McCance has performed successful, pain-relieving surgeries for patients from all over the world.

Some of those people would like to share their stories with you. Their great faith in his professional abilities has led them to recommend Dr. McCance to friends, relatives, and sometimes even complete strangers. Many endured years of pain and discomfort before finding Dr. McCance and many of them had gone through a number of surgeons and unsuccessful surgeries.

Dr. McCance does not perform miracles (although many of his patients think he does). His successes are due to thoroughness, diligence, and surgical skill.

We hope these stories will help you discover first-hand the effects that Dr. McCance has had on his patients’ lives. And to provide you with an insight into the kinds of problems and challenges he has faced. Not all outcomes are perfect but nearly all the outcomes have left his patients with considerably less pain and dysfunction.

Carol’s Story

I had spinal fusion when I was in my 20’s. After that I was very active. Hiking. Biking. Had two kids.
About 10 years ago, the rod in my back cracked. I had some pain, but exercises eased the pain. About a year ago I experienced the worst sciatic pain I ever had in my entire life. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t walk. If I moved at all I was in incredible pain.

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Dara’s Story

I hurt my back when I was on a trip and when I got back the pain continued. I work with autistic children and one of the children was having a temper tantrum on the floor and I went to lift him up and as soon as I lifted him I felt a very sharp pain. I knew I needed to see a spine surgeon.

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Diane’s Story

It all started in 1996—I was out raking leaves and I felt all this pain in my back. Went to a doctor a friend recommended. Had an MRI—they found a herniated disk and they wanted to operate right away. I asked if I could try physical therapy first, before any surgery, and they said yes. I got better, but it never went away. I suffered with pain—but not severe. Over the years I developed spinal stenosis. It hurt to pick up my granddaughter. I couldn’t straighten up and my back was really hurting.

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Evelyn’s Story

For me it started with a car accident. I injured my back. I did physical therapy and a lot of pain management, but I still suffered from constant pain. I am a school teacher, so it made it more difficult for me to do my job. It kept getting progressively worse. This went on for 4 or 5 years.

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Jackie’s Story

We were in the Dominican Republic and we all went cliff diving—about four stories high. I hit the water hard, which broke my cheek bone and fractured my pelvic bone, which put a lot of stress and pressure on my spinal cord, which was paralyzing my legs. The doctors in the Dominican Republic could not see that my pelvic bone was fractured and they were moving me around a lot. Which possibly caused more damage. And I had no pain killers. Finally I was put on a private plane and brought back to NY. Then I was taken by ambulance to Mt. Sinai Hospital, where I arrived at 6am. Which is when I met Dr. McCance. The jet I flew on belonged to a client of my father-in-law and his sister is the second most important person at Mt. Sinai—and they put Dr. McCance in charge of my case.

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I had continuous pain for two years. It started in my buttock and radiated down my left leg to my foot. At first it was bearable, but after a year it became so severe that I started looking for a doctor to help me. At first I tried sports medicine doctors, and then I tried orthopedic surgeons. But I could never get a clear diagnosis.

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I had persistent back problems. My back would “go out” every couple of months. I just thought it was the aging process. The last time that I had it, it wouldn’t really go away. My primary care doctor knew Dr. McCance and recommended that I see him. I went to Dr. McCance and had a full set of tests. He said it was a congenital issue—the structuring of my spine. One of the lower vertebrae slipped forward and it really had to get fixed. It was a serious issue.

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I was having chronic back for a couple of years. I was treated with oral medication and occasional medical interventions. This worked temporarily. In some instances the pain did not return for extended periods of time—maybe two months, three months. In 2011 the back pain did not respond to any treatment. It kept getting worse, with stabbing pains in my back, going through my legs—all the way from my back down to my feet. It left me with limited flexibility in my movement.

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