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Patient Stories – Jackie

We were in the Dominican Republic and we all went cliff diving—about four stories high. I hit the water hard, which broke my cheek bone and fractured my pelvic bone, which put a lot of stress and pressure on my spinal cord, which was paralyzing my legs. The doctors in the Dominican Republic could not see that my pelvic bone was fractured and they were moving me around a lot. Which possibly caused more damage. And I had no pain killers. Finally I was put on a private plane and brought back to NY. Then I was taken by ambulance to Mt. Sinai Hospital, where I arrived at 6am. Which is when I met Dr. McCance. The jet I flew on belonged to a client of my father-in-law and his sister is the second most important person at Mt. Sinai—and they put Dr. McCance in charge of my case.

He immediately put me in for X-rays. He told me about my fractured pelvis and the pressure on my spinal cord and he said I needed immediate surgery.

Jackie // Age: 28
Condition // Spine Fracture
Occupation // Teacher (NY)

How did you feel after your spine surgery?
Every morning after the surgery Dr. McCance would come in and talk to me and make sure the pain killers were working. He sent me to other doctors at the hospital to make sure there were no other fractures beside my pelvis—fortunately everything else was fine.

He was very sweet and explained everything every step of the way. What was going on, what was going to happen before surgery, what I could expect. Another surgeon worked on my broken cheek bone and Dr. McCance worked on my pelvis and spine.

Post-surgery I went into the ICU. After my surgery Dr. McCance would come and check up on me every day. He ordered X-rays to make sure I was healing properly.

The first month, once I came home, was the most difficult. Dr. McCance told me I had one of his most dangerous, most intensive surgeries.

He did an excellent, excellent beautiful job on my back. Everyone I show them to is utterly impressed. I’m not ashamed because he did such a beautiful job. His incisions are like artwork. They are so minute.

I recovered in the Mt. Sinai Hospital trauma unit. Which is basically like a hotel—I loved it. I had a wonderful experience at the hospital, if you can imagine that.

How do you feel now?
After six months I’m going to physical therapy. Still feeling some pain. The most painful was the rib removal and the bone graft in my hip. The actual incision on my spine does not hurt me at all.

Since my surgery Dr. McCance has worked on my cousin and a friend of my father-in-law.