A lumbar (back) laminectomy and a cervical (neck) laminectomy are two of the most common surgeries performed by the best in class NYC spine surgeon Dr. Sean McCance. It is in fact one of the most common spinal surgeries performed in the world. A laminectomy is performed by the spinal surgeon to alleviate severe pain resulting from the compression of spinal nerves by opening up your spinal canal so your spinal nerves have more room. Medically, a laminectomy refers to the removal of portions of the lamina (a bony structure that helps provide a tiny roof for the spinal canal and protect the back of the spinal cord) and the thickened ligaments overlying the spinal cord and nerves.

Doctor’s Note: Dr. Sean McCance performs a type of highly specialized laminectomy surgery where he preserves the critical bone structure to preserve stability.

About Lumbar Laminectomy: Lumbar laminectomy surgery is recommended by the NYC spinal surgeon for patients whose back pain symptoms have not been relieved by other conservative treatments including rest, pain-blocking injections, medication, and physical therapy.

“On May 2nd I had a revision laminectomy fusion L4-S1 for pain in my left leg and I stayed in the hospital for 3 days. Before the surgery, Dr. McCance made me feel very comfortable and took away my fear for this procedure. I was able to walk three days after coming home with minimal pain. Two months had passed since the operation and I’ve had no complications – the recovery is going smoothly. I am able to walk a couple of blocks now and I’m starting therapy soon. Thanks to Dr. McCance, the pain in my leg is now gone. As a nurse, I highly recommend him for any back-related procedures and surgeries.” ~ RateMDs

About Cervical Laminectomy: A cervical laminectomy is a spinal surgery approached from the back of the neck, which opens the spinal canal by removing the “roof’ of the spinal canal, and indirectly reduces the pressure the spinal cord by allowing the spinal cord to “drift back” away from the compression. A laminectomy can also be combined with a spinal fusion, a surgery from the back of the neck that opens the spinal canal and also fuses the vertebrae for stability, using screws/rods and bone graft.

Who Is A Candidate For Lumbar Laminectomy?

  • Substantial pain, weakness, or numbness presents in one or both legs and /or feet.
  • Leg pain is worse than back pain.
  • No improvement in pain from physical therapy, or conservative therapies (medication or pain blocks).
  • Strained walking or standing that affects your quality of life: symptoms, or worse symptoms present when you are standing or walking, and relieved with sitting.
  • Problems emptying or controlling your bladder and bowel.
  • Diagnostic tests (MRI, CT, myelogram) that show stenosis in the central canal or lateral recess.

Laminectomy surgery aims to relieve cramps, pain, tingling, and numbness which presents in the legs or buttocks caused by pressure on the spinal cord or spinal nerve roots. Decompressive laminectomy is successful in relieving back pain, leg pain, and typically results in improved walking ability.

Common Causes Of Spinal Compression Which May Result In The Need For A Laminectomy

  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Spinal stenosis: This condition primarily afflicts people a @ age 50 and is caused by degenerative changes (wear and tear due to age) that result in enlargement of the facet joints and thickening of the ligaments.
  • Bone spurs (osteophytes)
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative spondylolisthesis
  • Spine tumors
  • Scar tissue

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