Dr. Sean McCance, a board certified spine surgeon, is a spine fusion specialist surgeon in practice on the Upper East Side in NYC. Lumbar fusion surgery refers to any type of surgery in the lumbar spine (the lower back). Lumbar fusion surgery is performed to alleviate pain and disability typically caused by lumbar degenerative disc disease, or lumbar spondylolisthesis (isthmic, degenerative, or postlaminectomy spondylolisthesis).

Please note: Not everybody with lower back pain will require lumbar fusion surgery. But if your back pain condition is one that requires surgery, lumbar spinal fusion has a long history as a safe and effective treatment option. There are several techniques the spine surgeon can employ to perform lumbar spinal fusion surgery and the actual technique that he will employ will depend on your unique case. Lumbar spinal fusion essentially involves the spine surgeon permanently connecting two or more vertebrae together.

Couldn’t walk for three years due to spinal stenosis and spondylosis. Dr. McCance performed his brilliant surgery on me two months ago in New York City and now I am walking pain-free. He is an extraordinary surgeon, who is one of the most caring, compassionate, dedicated individuals, who only cares about taking care of patients and curing them. He spent hours with me and my husband going over exactly what surgery he was going to perform on me and then availing himself to a careful post-op exam and then another post-op exam and he and his amazing staff are just as dedicated and hardworking as he is; always courteous and kind. I shall thank him for restoring my lease on life and giving me back my life forever. I highly recommend him to one and all who suffer from spinal and cervical ailments.A gain he is an extraordinary and brilliant surgeon really the best of the best! ~ RateMDs

Doctor’s Note: The NYC spine surgery specialist, Dr. Sean McCance, will consider many factors before determining if you’re an ideal candidate for lumbar spinal fusion surgery. It will be considered if non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy, pain medications, and steroid injections can help you avoid surgery. Additionally, it is important to note that sometimes lumbar fusion surgery includes other surgical procedures including decompression or foraminotomy—both procedures take pressure off a spinal nerve (this will vary from case to case).

Dr. Sean McCance operated on my back (spinal fusion) in February…and my improvement has been phenomenal!!!!! There has been a total and complete resolution of all and any preexisting discomfort or pain. However, what made the experience- for an old, nervous, anti-surgery man- is the McCance team (from receptionist to physician assistants)!! From the first visit- for a second opinion- to the postoperative treatment (to this day), the care concern, and gentle treatment by Dr. McCance and his team in the office and in the hospital made the entire experience much, much easier and more comfortable that I had ever imagined. Anyone considering back surgery, which in my opinion, should be the last resort, can certainly communicate with me about surgery and Dr. McCance and his team. ~ David Warmflash, Google

The Goals Of Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery Include:

  • Eliminating neurological problems
  • Relieving chronic pain (lower back and leg)
  • Relieving numbness & tingling sensations
  • Reducing further weakness
  • Restoring healthy nerve function
  • Stopping or preventing abnormal motion in the spine
  • Realigning the spine to improve posture

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