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Computer Assisted Spine Surgery (CASS) is commonly employed by our team of top rated Manhattan NYC orthopedic spine surgeons to maximize accuracy when operating near the spinal cord, blood vessels, and surrounding nerves. These complications typically arise as a result of traditional spine surgery techniques. Computer-assisted spine surgery consists of utilizing cutting-edge technology to efficiently and effectively track instrument location, spinal position, and provide the surgeon with precise 3D mapping of the spine. Together, the multitude of specialized tools and imaging technology come together to offer the spine surgeon a more precise and accurate procedural technique. This caliber of anatomical detail is an improvement in comparison to traditional spinal surgery methods.

During Computer Assisted Spine Surgery (CASS), the surgeon uses a number of specialized tools and imaging software to more accurately complete the procedure. The top rated NYC board certified spinal surgeon, Dr. Sean McCance, may use imaging software as a reference point or active guidance during the procedure.

Computer assisted spine surgery consists of technology aimed at tracking surgical instruments (in real time) in conjunction with monitors that display 3D imaging of the spine. The instrument tracking technology functions similarly to a GPS in a vehicle.

The CASS system is made up of four major components:

  • Digital Camera Array: The instrument tracking device utilizes infrared signals to track the location of instruments in reference to the patient’s spinal position.
  • Smart instrumentation: The wireless devices consist of a probing mechanism called a pedicle feeler, an awl (creates / expands holes in the bone), and a spinal tracker attached to a vertebra (maintains accuracy of 3D imaging technology on the monitors, even if the patient is repositioned during the procedure). When the spine tracker consistently maintains the spinal detail update, the amount of imaging required during the surgery may be decreased or eliminated.
  • Monitors: The monitors offer the top-notch NYC board certified spine surgeon another 3D real-time view of the spine. The 3D spine image may be altered through zooming in or rotating the live view. With view manipulation capabilities, the New York spine surgeon can perform the surgery with better precision / accuracy beyond the viewing abilities in the exposed surgical field.
  • Software: The cutting-edge, intuitive software used during computer-assisted spine surgery produces 3D images of the patient’s spine based on spinal imaging taken prior or during the surgery. The instruments are calibrated at the beginning of the procedure to ensure accuracy. The software provides the spine surgeon with real time positioning information of the specialized imaging instruments.

Computer-assisted spine surgery offers spinal surgeons several surgical viewpoints that cannot be achieved with traditional spinal surgery techniques. With the ability to view the spine and its surrounding components, in addition to what can be seen in the exposed surgical field, spine surgeons can operate with more overall visibility, accuracy, and safety.

Benefits of Computer-assisted Spine Surgery

Computer-assisted spine surgery actively increases visibility beyond the exposed surgical field with the help of cutting-edge 3D imaging technology, smart instruments, and monitors. Spine surgeons can perform surgery with quicker operating times, improved safety, and increased efficiency when employed for eligible technical spinal surgical procedures.

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