The NYC cervical fracture spine surgery specialist, Dr. Sean McCance, frequently diagnoses and treats patients suffering from neck fractures (cervical fractures). Each neck injury is different from the next. A neck fracture can happen for many different reasons. Common causes include falls, collisions, motor vehicle accidents, diving into shallow water, sudden twists to the neck, or severe blows to the head and neck area. In many cases neck fractures require surgery. 

The best in class spine surgeon, Dr. Sean McCance, treats both pediatric and adult neck fractures.

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Initially assessing the severity of the injury is necessary. This may require diagnostic testing such as X-Rays, MRIs, CAT scans, etc. Is the neck fracture associated with dislocation or instability? Which cervical bones are broken? Is there a spinal cord or nerve injury? Diagnostic assessment helps the spine surgeon determine the best option for treatment.

Doctor’s note: The most common treatment options for a neck fracture (cervical fracture) include immobilization, bracing, and surgery.

Immobilization is the safest immediate option at the accident scene, when there is a possibility of a broken neck, as it minimizes or prevents further spinal cord injury. Bracing is recommended as ongoing treatment for minor or stable fractures when allowing the neck to become more stable. A neck brace or collar is often worn until the neck completely heals, usually lasting between 8 – 12 weeks.

Certain exercises are often used for a fractured neck that will strengthen and stretch the muscles supporting the cervical vertebrae. This is essential for proper recovery and is often done with a physical therapist, who assists with acquiring a full range of motion and strength during the healing process.

Surgical Treatments of Neck Fractures (Cervical Fractures)

For more severe or unstable fractures, neck fracture surgery is often a medical necessity. The goal of neck fracture surgery is to remove any bone that may be compressing the spinal cord or nerve and then stabilize the injured area. This is usually performed by the spine surgeon using titanium plates or screws / rods, as well as vertebral replacement cages.

Surgery can be performed by the best in class NYC spine surgeon from the front or back of the neck, and sometimes a combined approach may be necessary.

Like every other injury, it’s hard to put a target on those who are at risk for a neck fracture. We do, however, have a grasp on the reoccurring trends like age, osteoporosis, contact sports, car accidents (and not wearing your seat belt), and trauma to the head, chest, or pelvis.

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