Cervical (neck) fusion surgery is regularly performed by the NYC board certified orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Sean McCance. Cervical neck fusion surgery is performed to reduce significant pain after conservative treatments to remedy one’s particular condition have yielded no result. This very safe surgical procedure offers successful predictable outcomes. Cervical fusion surgery is a customized operation where two bones, usually separated by cartilage or a disk, “fuse” into one bone.

Many of the NYC spine surgeon’s patients, upon initial visit for a diagnosis, complain of neck and arm pain, caused by a herniated disc, cervical radiculopathy, fractures, and spinal instability. Although many episodes of neck pain are temporary, some patients experience chronic pain that ultimately requires surgery. Depending on the patient’s level of discomfort, there are three surgical options, cervical (neck) spinal fusion, cervical decompression surgery, and disk replacement.

“After 10 years of neck pain I elected for cervical fusion spinal surgery. Now all my neck pain is gone. Dr. McCance and his amazing team were exceptional. The professionalism was incredible. Highly recommend”. ~ RateMDs

How Is A Cervical Fusion Surgery Performed

When cervical spinal fusion surgery is performed, the affected bones in the neck are “fused” together using bone graft material with a plate and cage, so they can heal into one healthy bone. Bone grafts can be taken from a patient’s pelvic bone, or cadaver and synthetic bone are also options.

Depending on the type of herniated disc and spinal stability, the NYC spinal surgeon will determine the best method for surgery. These methods are anterior fusion, where the spine is operated on from the front, and posterior decompression with or without fusion, where the spine is operated on from the back.

Surgical Cervical Spinal Fusion Techniques: The method of your cervical fusion surgery will be discussed in entirety prior to surgery and the decision of which method will be employed by Dr. McCance will be based on your unique condition, needs, and surgical requirements.

  • The cervical fusion surgeon can take bone from elsewhere in your body or the bone can obtained from a bone bank (a bone graft). The bone is used to make a bridge between adjacent vertebrae. This “bone graft” stimulates the growth of the vertebrae together.
  • Man-made (artificial) fusion materials may also be used as opposed to taking bone from one’s body or from a cadaver.
  • Metal implants can be used to hold the vertebrae together until new bone growth occurs (cages, plates, screws, and /or rods).
  • Metal plates can be screwed into the bone, joining adjacent vertebrae.
  • An entire vertebra can be removed and replaced with a cage-type device, and the spine can then fused.
  • A diseased or herniated spinal disc can be removed and the adjacent vertebrae fused.

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