• Where does it hurt?

    Dr. McCance and his medical team will begin by
    evaluating you completely to determine the exact
    cause of your pain. We listen carefully and test
    thoroughly before we diagnose.

  • We can eliminate your pain.

    Our practice can offer you a wide variety of treatment
    options to help eliminate or ease your pain. We will
    explain all your options thoroughly to help you make
    the decision that’s best for you.

  • Remember, surgery is not the only solution.

    Even though we are a surgical practice, we do not
    always favor a surgical solution. Our patients can
    often benefit from treatments that require no surgical intervention at all. Our first choice is to offer you a
    non-surgical option to relieve your pain.

  • The sooner you call,
    the sooner we can help.

    Why suffer? Dr. McCance and his team of experienced medical professionals can make a real difference in your life. Schedule an appointment today—it’s your first step to pain relief and recovery.

  • Take a closer look.

    For a better understanding of successful surgeries for a variety of spinal conditions, browse through our Case Studies.