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Perfect Gifts for Back Pain Sufferers

With the holidays just around the corner, I thought I’d take a moment to share some of the best gifts for the loved ones in your life who unfortunately suffer from back pain. Give the gift of comfort this season and encourage your friends and family to keep their backs healthy and strong.

Backjoy is an easily transportable seat that you can use in the car, in the office, on a plane, and anywhere else you find yourself sitting down. The ergonomic design makes sitting more comfortable and offers long-lasting consistent support. The patented innovative design  comes in a variety of colors, so you can select the perfect one for your friends and family. (Backjoy.com, $39.99)

Barefooters are made in Italy out of an eco-friendly, naturally antimicrobial material called Corksilite (cork and silicone), and come in muted, organic colors that keep the cork pattern visible. The patented reflexology massage footbed coupled with the fitted shell that matches the shape of the foot makes for a great-feeling experience perfect for post-workout recovery and increasing circulation to the legs and feet. (Amazon, PlanetShoes.com, Shoebuy.com, Footsmart.com, prices vary by style)

BOSU: Consider the BOSU training device for friends and family that want to add an interesting dimension to their workout. This balance device provides stimulation and training to the spine stabilizers and core muscle group, which is great for those who suffer from chronic back pain. (Dicks Sporting Goods, $119.99).

Foam rollers have become increasingly popular over the years as a tool to stretch and soothe muscles after exercising. Power Systems has a wide variety of foam rollers available, fit for the devoted user to the new user. Foam roller exercises combine the benefits of flexibility and massage, and can even help prevent back problems. (Power Systems, prices vary)


 Ergonomic snow shovels are a must for preventing undue strain and potential injury to your back during the winter months. This type of shovel, using a bent handle that’s adjustable to your height, prevents you from lifting, twisting, and bending while shoveling.  I recommend that you keep your back as straight as possible when scooping, lifting, and dumping snow. This one by Ames True Temper is a great choice. (Amazon, $35.37)