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Patient Stories – Evangelia

I was coming home from Boston and had a car accident going 65 miles an hour. They wanted to do surgery in Boston because they said I broke my neck, but I just wanted to get home to New York. And I didn’t want to have surgery. The only thing I’ve ever had was stitches when I was twelve. And when you go online, all you see are these terrible stories and then you’re told you can die or get paralyzed, so I didn’t want to get surgery. Plus, young people like me, they don’t want surgery.

When I got home the pain got terrible. It was so painful I couldn’t do anything.

Evangelia // Age: 30
Condition // Broken Neck / Neck fracture
Occupation // Manager (NY)

How did you find Dr. McCance?

I looked up a neurologist, stumbled into his office, and he ran some tests and referred me to Dr McCance.
Why did you choose Dr. McCance for your spine surgery?

Everyone told me to get a second opinion, that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? So I went for one and that doctor pressured me into getting surgery right away. It sounded like a hard sell and he was unwilling to wait even a week. So, he booked it but then I didn’t want to do it, there were some things I needed to take care of and he was unwilling to move it at all.

So I called Dr McCance’s office crying and telling them I was sorry about going to this other doctor and would Dr. McCance do my surgery—and would he make me do it right away? And they were so nice and told me I could have it in five or six weeks –but the sooner the better.

When I first saw Dr McCance I told him I didn’t want to have surgery. He said this was serious because I had arm weakness. When I think back now on our first conversation, everything he said was right. He was serious but he made me feel comfortable and he didn’t pressure me. He told me my neck was broken but that everything would be fine. And everything he said was going to be fine is fine.

I saw a Physician Assistant before I saw him and she took all my long winded descriptions and pared them down for the doctor, which I liked. It’s a great office, very professional. The Physician Assistants are really amazing and 24/7. They are so competent and they got back to me like in 2 seconds when I called with a question.

How did you feel after your surgery?

I could tell as soon as I woke up, my arm was normal.

How are you feeling now?

I’m a lucky, lucky girl. I got a second lease on life. I have absolutely no symptoms now, I’m GREAT!
Everyone in the hospital is impressed with him. They said “you’ve had a master.” The scar is like amazing, like no scar. I could tell as soon as I woke up, my arm was normal.