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Patient Stories – Greg

I started having back pains at 26. Got progressively worse over the next couple of years. People I knew were very negative about back surgery—people think it’s not efficient, it doesn’t work. On and on. My leg was hurting—my back—my toes. Went for two opinions—surgeons in the area—and both recommended surgery. One of my dad’s best friends is a neurologist and he looked at my MRI and said you should really go for it.

Greg // Age: 30
Condition // Herniated Disk
Occupation // Financial Advisor (CT)

How did you find Dr. McCance?

My wife’s best friend’s husband had back surgery with Dr. McCance and he said the surgery was great. He recommended I go see him. At the time we just had our first baby. I’d pick up my baby daughter and my back would hurt. I couldn’t put my underwear on. I’m thinking, I’m 29 years old and I shouldn’t have these problems.

Why did you choose Dr. McCance for your spine surgery?

I went to see Dr. McCance. Then I got few more opinions after that. Everyone pretty much said that surgery was inevitable. They said that if I did it early I could avoid more pain for myself. And avoid a more serious surgery. I felt the most comfortable with Dr. McCance and his staff. I can’t be happier that I did it with him.

How did you feel after your surgery?

I’ve had a great recovery—knock on wood. After surgery I was back to work in one week. Six months after surgery II was back playing tennis, which is something I love to do, working out at the gym and holding the kids. Dr. McCance was very pleasant. Very honest. If I called with a question he always returned my calls. A lot of these doctors have egos, they think they are too to be true, so they call you back a week later.

How do you feel now?

Now I’m 34 years old and I feel great. I really do. I was back on the treadmill after six months. And I can pick up my daughter again.

It’s such a great practice I’d recommend them to anyone.