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Patient Stories – Gregory

My doctor said I needed to get the surgery because my spinal cord might get worse by the time I’m 25.
My scoliosis was 65 degrees.

Gregory // Age: 25
Condition // Scoliosis
Occupation // Student (NY)

How did you find Dr. McCance?

My doctor referred me to two doctors—one was Dr. McCance.

Why did you choose Dr. McCance for your surgery?

When I went into his office for the first time I saw it was very modern. I saw that the New York Daily News had an article about him. I was really impressed.

At first I was really scared. The doctor made me comfortable about getting the surgery. We talked about college and girls and he made me feel comfortable.

How did you feel after your surgery?

The day after surgery they told me to walk. At first it really hurt. But I kept walking and the more I did it the more I got used to it. I started college one month after surgery. I walked up the stairs, walked to class, and walked up the hills.

How do you feel now?

I’m doing kick boxing now—it requires a lot of movement and a lot of flexibility, but it doesn’t hurt at all. At work I lift 40-50 lb boxes. Now I’m not scared to do anything.