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Patient Stories – Jim

In 1982 I injured my neck in an accident. The pain would come and go and I’d see a chiropractor once in awhile. Then, I was moving my daughter into college and I tried to move a refrigerator—and something happened.

The pain was constant and so bad that I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t even move my head. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to drive again.

I went to a neurologist who ordered an MRI. Then he referred me to a local spine surgeon. I went to see him and he explained what needed to be done. He was well-respected and everything, but I just wasn’t comfortable. And I didn’t like the idea of surgery, so I didn’t schedule anything.

Jim // Age: 51
Condition // Cervical Disc Herniation/ Degenerative Disk Disease
Occupation // Lawyer (NY)

How did you find Dr. McCance?

I was reconciling myself to a life of pain when a colleague suggested I get a second opinion from a doctor with one of the fine hospitals in Manhattan. Through my colleague’s contacts I heard about Dr McCance and then did some research on him.

Why did you choose Dr. McCance for your spine surgery?

When I looked him up and saw how many surgeries he’d done I had a lot of confidence. The local doctor had done about 200, compared to Dr McCance’s 3,000 or more. I didn’t want someone opening me up and saying “gee, I’ve never seen that before” and I knew that wouldn’t happen with Dr McCance.

When he heard what terrible pain I was in he was very gracious and saw me right away. I was petrified about going to see him, but his staff is so well trained and so kind. His professionalism is mirrored in his staff and it’s a real pleasure dealing with them. And his office is beautiful.

He said surgery was the best option and said then he said, “I’m not going to let you suffer anymore.” He exudes confidence and right away I knew this is the man I want to do my surgery. And even though he was supposed to be on Christmas vacation, he wanted to do the surgery then because he didn’t want me to keep suffering.

Dr McCance explained everything to me—complete disclosure—about the risks and the benefits.

How did you feel after your surgery?

Everything went just as planned. When I woke up from anesthesia I could immediately feel the relief in my neck. And Diana, his Physician Assistant, was phenomenal. She answered all my post-surgery questions and was always available–day and night. And the follow-up instructions she gave me were so helpful.

After surgery, Dr. McCance prescribed physical therapy for me—even the physical therapist was impressed with Dr McCance’s work.

How do you feel now?

I can say unequivocally that Dr. McCance gave me my life back. That’s what I would say about him. I tell people ‘if you need spinal surgery, do yourself a favor and go the best spine surgeon there is, Dr Sean McCance.’ I stop complete strangers on the street, people who seem to be in back pain and I tell them they should call Dr. McCance. I will be eternally grateful for what he’s done for me.